Hampstead Norris, Berkshire

Initially a satellite of Harwell, it provided valuable Circuit 'space' for the Vickers Wellingtons of 15 OTU and got hard runways long before its 'parent'. The airfield also saw many Wellingtons coming and going on ferry to the Middle East . Oxford from 1516 BATF also used the busy airfield late 1942 to April 1943, with 1526 following in 1944. No15 OTU left in March 1944 and the Operational Refresher Training Unit took its place with a wide variety of types. Last major use of the airfield came from 13 OTU's DH Mosquitos up to July 1945.

Major units - 1516, 1526 BATFs, 13, I5 OTUs, ORTU