Designated Airfields in and around Berkshire over the period 1915 to the present day

Membury Hampstead Norris Woodley Theale Waltham St Lawrence White Waltham Bray Court Henley Winkfield Smith's Lawn Newbury Racecourse Aldermaston Welford Great Shefford

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Abingdon, Oxon 164/SU480990 Initially a RAF bomber base then a transport base, closed 1992
Aldermaston, Berks 174/SU600635 USAAF D-Day glider base, closed 1950
Bray Court (Maidenhead), Berks   RAF wartime emergency landing field (grass)
Bush Barn, Berks   RAF wartime emergency landing field (grass)
Cippenham, Oxon   Aerial Message Service landing Field in the 1930s
Great Shefford, Berks 174/SU360730 RAF wartime emergency landing field
Greenham Common, Berks 174/SU500645 US D-Day glider base, USAF bombers/missiles 1947-92
Grove (Wantage), Oxon 174/SU395900 USAAF wartime base, closed 1946
Hampstead Norris, Berks 174/SU530765 RAF bomber base 1940-45
Harwell, Oxon 174/SU465925 RAF wartime bomber base, vacated 1945 for Atomic Energy Authority
Henley-on-Thames (Crazies Farm), Berks 175/SU795824 RAF emergency landing field (grass) and No 529 Radar Calibration Unit
Kingston Bagpuize, Oxon 164/SU410965 USAAF wartime fighter base, USAF maintenance unit to 1954
Langley, Bucks 176/TQ025795 1938-50 Hawker factory and flight testing
Membury, Berks 174/SU308753 USAAF D-Day glider base, 1947 civilian aircraft factory
Newbury Racecourse   Civilian use only
Reading (Coley)   RFC/RAF Technical Training School 1915-18, closed 1919
Shellingford, Oxon 174/SU325940 RAF grass airfield; Flying Training School 1931-48
Smith's Lawn, Berks 176/SU973700 1930s used by HRH Prince of Wales, wartime bomber assembly
Theale (Sheffield Farm), Berks 175/SU650700 RAF grass airfield, wartime Flying Training School
Waltham St Lawrence, Berks   RAF emergency landing field (grass)
Watchfield, Oxon 174/SU240900 Blind Landing Training then RAF School of Air Traffic Control
Welford, Berks 174/SU415745 USAAF D-Day operations then logistics unit, US base still operating
White Waltham, Berks 175/SU850785 Wartime HQ ATA, Fairey Aviation post-war, flying club centre
Winkfield, Berks 175/SU912726 RAF emergency landing ground (grass) 1941-45
Woodley, Berks 175/SU780732 Miles Aircraft then Handley Page, RAF Flying Training School 1942-47