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Thatcham, UK--June 6, 2006--After many years of in-depth research, interviews with personnel and from the submission of other very rare and unique material, the story of RAF Greenham Common's controversial history can finally be told.

In Defense of Freedom tells the story of the history of this historic place from its ancient use by militias to its construction as an airfield in 1941 to its final demise at the conclusion of the Cold War in 1992.

It is the story of how a small town in rural England became a modern fortress in the cause of freedom. This unique insight reveals how Greenham Common acted as a launch pad for the liberation of Western Europe in D-Day in 1944 with a stirring speech from General Eisenhower to its later Cold War development with the longest runway in Europe, the site of the British Land Speed Record and its final mission as base for the 501st Tactical Missile Wing's cruise missiles and protests in the 1980s.

In Defense of Freedom reveals the real story of Greenham Common and RAF Welford and their critical missions for the first time.

Illustrated, 172 pages, $21.76.

Link to Publication: http://www.lulu.com/content/310488

Reading Museum With a wide range of exhibits and displays, the Museum of Reading is home to the impressive replica of the Bayeaux Tapestry.

The Royal Berkshire of Windsor & Maidenhead The Royal Borough, with its blend of rich history and successful modern business development, covers 76 square miles, just 12 miles to the west of London. The main towns of Windsor, Maidenhead and Ascot are surrounded by 14 villages, linked by a common thread - the River Thames.