Miles M.25 Martinet TT.1

Serial: MS902

Miles M.25 Martinet TT.1

About the Restoration (March 2009)


Target-tug monoplane. 1793 built. Later 67 Queen Martinet unmanned target aircraft were built; 11 new ones and 54 conversions. Type: Martinet Function: target tug Year: 1942 Crew: 2 Engines: 1 * 650kW Bristol Mercury 30 Wing Span: 11.89m Length: 9.42m Height: 3.53m Wing Area: Empty Weight: 2105kg Max.Weight: 3062kg Speed: 386km/h Ceiling: Range: 1120km Armament: None

About our Aircraft

Miles Martinet TT.1 MS902 was built at Woodley in 1943 and was delivered to 27MU at Shawbury on 21 October 1943. In December 1943 it went to MU (Packing Unit) to be prepared for shipment to Reykjavik. Arrived at Reykjavik, on the SS Isobell, 18 December 1943, probably assigned to the Station Flight, 8 January 1944. Assigned to 251 Squadron, July 19 1945. Assigned to RAF Reykjavik for use with Station Flight. Sold to the Akueyri Flying Club becoming TF-SHC, 18 July 1949. Sadly, in July 1951 it came to grief at Kopasker in the far North-East of Iceland and the wreckage remained there until 1977, when it was moved to Reykjavik Airport by The Icelandic Aviation Historical Society and put into covered storage. The intention was eventually to put it on display in Iceland. However, in 1993 staff from The Museum of Berkshire Aviation visited Iceland to negotiate the return of this historic aircraft to Woodley. Excellent co-operation from the Icelanders meant that it was finally moved by sea and lorry freight to Woodley in March 1996.